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Uninvited: Working Ontario Women News

Hosted by: Karman Wong

We’re not asking permission for a seat at the table. We’re pulling up our own chair, uninvited, to bring you news stories about the issues important to working Ontario women and their families.

We’ll shine a bright light on your success stories and struggles, and hold government accountable for their decisions in the process. It’s free to access, with no restrictions.


Karman speaks with two teachers about public education in Ontario during the pandemic and the obstacles keeping students from learning.

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WOMEN & THE ECONOMY: Economist Sheila Block

Karman speaks with Sheila Block, senior economist with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, about women and the economy

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A MOTHER: sending her child back to school

Karman speaks with a mother about how parents are coping with kids starting school nearly two years into the pandemic

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